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A Heart That Works, with Rob Delaney • #131

In episode #131 we’re joined by comedian, actor and author Rob Delaney to talk about his book A Heart That Works. As so often with books that pack a powerful emotional punch this deals with a difficult subject as Rob tells the story of the death of his young son Henry, and considers his own journey through the grieving process. It’s also a deeply moving, funny, thought-provoking and altogether wonderful read. Listen in as Rob and Kate share their stories, which to forewarn you, touch on the topics of death, still-birth and suicide, as well as joy and love and the importance of books as places of emotional refuge, sources of wisdom and pleasure.

The publishers say: ‘In this memoir of loss, acclaimed writer and comedian Rob Delaney grapples with the fragile miracle of life, the mysteries of death, and the question of purpose for those left behind. Rob Delaney’s beautiful, bright, gloriously alive son Henry died. He was one when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. An experience beyond comprehension, but an experience Rob must share. Why does he feel compelled to talk about it, to write about it, to make people feel something like what he feels when he knows it will hurt them? Because, despite Henry’s death, Rob still loves people. For that reason, he wants them to understand. A Heart That Works is an intimate, unflinching and fiercely funny exploration of loss – from the harrowing illness to the vivid, bodily impact of grief and the blind, furious rage that follows, through to the forceful, unstoppable love that remains.’

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Booklist for A Heart That Works episode

A Heart That Works by Rob Delaney (Hachette)

The End of the Affair by Graham Greene (Penguin)

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Penguin)

Lucia Berlin, try A Manual for Cleaning Women (Pan Macmillan)

One, Two, Three, Four by Craig Brown (4th Estate)

Also mentioned

Thunder Road by Jim Cummings

The Beatles: Get Back


The Rainbow Trust

Noah’s Ark Hospice

Rob Delaney’s website

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Transcript of A Heart That Works episode

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