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visiting Charleston house

Charleston: A Bloomsbury day out

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After a long summer organising activities for the children I was seized by a strong impulse to organise something for myself, and so I booked tickets to visit Charleston, home of Virginia Woolf’s sister, the artist Vanessa Bell and home-away-from-home for various members of the Bloomsbury Group. In fact visiting requires a bit of advance […]

Kate visits Charleston, home of Virginia Woolf's sister, the artist Vanessa Bell, and home-away-from-home for Woolf and many of the Bloomsbury Group. Beautifully restored and maintained today by the Charleston trust, it makes for an inspiring day out. Read on for details plus a Bloomsbury-themed reading list

How to Win Friends and Influence People book

Ten personal development books for book club

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Inspired by episode #103, in which we interviewed the What You Will Learn podcast boys, I’ve put together a list of books falling vaguely into the personal-development realm for book club discussion. Some we’ve covered for book club on the pod, some are things I’ve read think would be good. Try them out and let […]

Inspired by our interview with the What You Will Learn podcasters, here's our pick of books falling vaguely under the personal-development umbrella we think would be perfect for book club.

Southwold Beach windbreak

Summer reading 2021

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Everyone has their favourite bit of seaside. I like mine with an added dash of bleakness, and for that there’s no finer place than the Suffolk coast. One branch of my family hails from here and I’ve been holidaying in the seaside town of Southwold my whole life, but I never get tired of it. […]

The books Kate has been reading over a summer spent on the Suffolk coast, plus a few of her favourite places to buy them.