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64. Crib Notes

The early days of motherhood might not seem an obvious moment to expand your reading horizons, but for Elizabeth Morris the combination of night-time wake-ups and heightened emotional sensitivity led her to a new appreciation of the printed word. After the birth of her son she decided to build on her career in the book world and set up Crib Notes, a book club in newsletter form. Every month, she curates the perfect book recommendations for new and busy mothers. ‘Sometimes you just need a little spark of mental stimulation to remind you of who you are beyond being a mother,’ Elizabeth explains.

Listen in for some fantastic book recommendations – for all readers, not only mums – and some great practical tips for how to fit in reading when all you have are stolen moments.

Book recommendations

Our booklist for this episode:


For more on what to read in those stolen moments, sign up for Crib Notes.

Find Elizabeth on Twitter @elizabethmoya and on Instagram @cribnotesbookclub

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