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The Remains of the Day • #97

Join us as we turn our attention to Kazuo Ishiguro’s Booker winning novel The Remains of the Day, which follows Stevens, butler to Lord Darlington and manager of a large stately home as he looks back on a life spent in service. Taking an opportunity from his new employer, a wealthy American, Stevens sets out on a journey across country to visit Miss Kenton, one time housekeeper who may, Stevens thinks, be considering returning to work at Darlington Hall once again. Stevens would like the help, but perhaps there is something more in his attachment to Miss Kenton?

What did Kate’s book club make of this modern classic? Did it live up to their high expectations? Listen in for the usual range of opinions and don’t miss our follow on book recommendations, to help you find your next book club read.

Book recommendations

Mrs Dalloway and To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

Amsterdam and On Chesil Beach by Ian McKewan

Staying On by Paul Scott.


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Check out Eyes On the Prize, a books blog reading and reviewing every Booker winner from 1969 to present day that is a favourite of ours, and who will one day be far more of an authority than us on the best Booker books. We particularly love the contemporary references, lists of vanquished foes, and life-lessons learned from each book. The entry on The Remains of the Day is a particularly good one.

We also recommend Adam Buxton’s interview with Ishiguro in which they discuss his new novel, Klara and the Sun, but also The Remains of the Day. Entertaining and insightful in equal measure.

Have you read The Remains of the Day? What did you make of it? Comment below.


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